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The purpose of the Lincoln Historical Society is to stimulate and deepen an appreciation of the history of the Town of Lincoln.

We seek to engage fellow citizens in learning about our past through programs, publications, special events, and research projects, and we seek to discover, collect, and preserve materials that are of historical significance to the Town.

We believe history is made every day, and we all participate in its creation.

Fourth of July Float circa 1900
The Lincoln Public Library in 1884.  The Library building was a gift to the Town by George Grosvenor Tarbell (1807-1889).  It was designed in the Victorian Romanesque style by Boston architect William G. Preston (1842-1910).  This photograph was taken by George A. Nelson (1822-1912), grandson of one of Lincoln's Revolutionary War veterans.  (Courtesy of Lincoln Town Archives, Lincoln, MA)

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